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Dear Miss Silva,

Just recently I visited Penang, Malaysia. I went to Belum state Park to live on a houseboat for five days and four nights with my school year group. It was a fantastic experience. Now let me tell you all about it.

After about a three hour bus ride from the airport, we reached our destination. We all got into groups and sat in our designated speedboats, eager to reach our houseboat.

We were there in a matter of minutes, as we travelled in a speedboat. That enough was an experience itself. As today we usually travel by car, bus, MRT or taxi. We went slow at first, but soon enough we were tearing through the lake.

With the waves crashing against the sides of the speedboat, splashing our faces with the cold water and that added with the cold wind running through my hair. Everywhere we looked we would see hills, mountains, the lake and forestial trees. Literally, EVERYWHERE.

Anyway once we got on the houseboat everyone threw off their shoes as they were all wet and muddy from passing our luggage down from a hill we were previously at. But it was kinda gross as when we were getting off the speedboats, we left a trail of mud on the floor and seats which were originally white...oops

It was definitely a change from our modern world. We went to this lake thinking it would be modern-ish but you have no idea, it seemed as though we were living in the stone ages. But that's a point of view coming from a social media-holic girl. It was kind of nice though, to see the nature and explore something other than snapchat for once.

We went in the jungle and learnt about loads of resources that they had, and that got me thinking maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I left my phone and ventured for a little, seeking the amazing sites. I mean the lake was just breathtaking. That’s the thought I had in my mind for ten minutes until I realised that instagram just updated.

But besides the tragedy of not having any, and I mean any touch with the modern world. There was so much to make up for it, the place we were in was completely exquisite.

Anyways, I’ll update you on my amazing experiences later, I can tell you right now though that there are thousands!

Kind regards,
Soha ♡

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Picture taken by Warren Wee class 9.2

“COME ON GUYS YOU'RE SO CLOSE!” Everyone yelled at the top of their lungs, cheering for their group. We were in teams but split into two, Group A and Group B. I was in Group B along with my friends Saveena, Neha, Rucha and Amber.

As my group came closer and closer in our raft I began to panic. Thoughts flooded into my head. I was nervous, scared, terrified. What if I let my group down? Like fall off, and DIE! You know what I mean! There was no time to think.

As they reached the boat, my group was getting ready to jump on the raft. We ran to our designated spots and grabbed our paddles. Our instructor called out : 3….What if I fall? 2…..It's gonna be okay you won't, don't be clumsy...1 OK HERE WE GO, AHHHHH!!

We started paddling as fast as we could. There was just a tincy wincy little problem, we were only blocking all of the rafts! Our raft literally turned and closed off everybody! Neha, the genius... Starting paddling with her legs, actually kicking! Believe it or not, IT MIRACULOUSLY WORKED!

We were free from the other boats! But….we were still losing, (sad face) by a mile. When we finally reached the first stop we couldn't find our rock! The other groups already were halfway back to the finish line.

Neha said she had an idea. She jumped off the boat and started swimming around looking for a rock. When she finally found one we raced back to the houseboat barely beating the boys. But In the end we did it! We came third!

We got a huge prize! It was a basket filled with goodies like chips, cookies, and candy! We all ripped open the basket tearing off the wrapping paper and grabbed whatever we could carry. I managed to get my hands on both the flavours of potato chips I wanted, hot and spicy and cheesy cheese. SCORE!!!

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Trekking, trekking, trekking! We did that almost everyday. The first trek we went on was absolutely fascinating! I could see HUGE trees everywhere! I could smell the damp humidity, and I could hear a waterfall in the distance. Just what you’d expect in an environmental trip. Until you hear about the second trek.

LEECHES, LEECHES, LEECHES!! That's basically a three word summary of the horrors of what happened. Honestly, you would think that the fifty dollar anti leech socks that I begged my mum to buy me would prevent leeches. But no, definitely not!

At first we were all pretty excited to go on the second trek after all the spectacular natureful things we had seen on the first trek. About a minute before we were approaching our start line the instructors just warned us that we should avoid muddy places during the trek to avoid the leeches. But there was mud EVERYWHERE. Seriously how do they expect me not to walk on the mud if it's everywhere, what should I do float?

We tried to walk quickly to avoid getting bitten. You know when there are a lot of leeches coming when you hear a person scream! Everyone held their bug sprays in their hand in preparation to kill them, like the police looking for a suspect. I've seen a couple horror movies and whenever someone gets bitten by a creature it never ends well.

And I'm positive that I don't want to end up with leach genes in my body, Eww GROSS!!!! Moving on, I walked fast, jumping from rock to rock. When I suddenly froze in my tracks, I heard this piercing screech ahead of me. It was Lea my roommate, she had 19 LEECHES ON HER! That was truly the most revolting thing I have ever seen. Everyone rushed to help her pull them off, the rest of us were totally paranoid. Checking each other's legs for leeches, soaking our pants with bug spray.

Since we were all traumatized from the second trek instead of going on yet another trek which trust I was in no state of mind to go on another trek with those blood sucking beasts. We went to the waterfall just a small 10 minute walk. Also known as the most complex walk in the world. Anyway after all that I had the pleasure to go back to the houseboat and SLEEP!!!


This trip may have had some ups and downs but it was definitely an experience I will never forget. I got so much closer with my friends and had learnt so much more about the environment.

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